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How a Faulty Thermostat Affects Your Heating

The thermostat is very likely the only component of your heating and air conditioning system you really interact with. Your heating system’s thermostat communicates to your heater when the temperature has dropped below the desired setting. The heating system then switches on and heats up the air until the necessary conditions have been met.

You may think that a thermostat works under a fairly simple mode of operation. But a faulty thermostat will have a huge impact on how effectively your heating system operates. Thermostats can be responsible for anything from no heating at all to severely worn down parts and controls. This list details a few of the ways a faulty thermostat can affect your heating in Naperville.

  • Reduced Heating: One of the most common side effects of a faulty thermostat is reduced or absent heating. Your broken thermostat may prevent heat from entering your home or it may simply reduce the amount of heating you feel throughout the house. Reduced heating could be symptomatic of a number of problems, like a broken safety switch or a faulty blower fan, but an issue with the thermostat generally indicates a new one is necessary.
  • Poor Efficiency: Even if you own one of the most efficient types of heating systems available on the market, a broken thermostat can reduce efficiency by quite a stretch. This component may at some point be unable to communicate to the heater when it is time to shut off, not only making you feel uncomfortable, but also requiring far more energy to run.
  • Worn Parts: A faulty thermostat may also cause your unit to short cycle if there is a faulty wiring connection. Short cycling is when the unit turns on and then shuts off shortly afterwards. This can cause the parts to become damaged and wear down over time.

Replacing a thermostat doesn’t have to be a negative experience. A trained technician can help you select a thermostat with advanced settings so that you can have greater control over what times of day your unit switches on and off in order to better track your energy usage over time.

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