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Heating Problems Caused by a Lack of Maintenance

During an Illinois winter, you can expect the heater in your home to do a large amount of work keeping you comfortable. All machines require some level of maintenance to make sure they do not wear down early and break, and this is especially true for heating systems that stay on through most of a cold winter season. Unless you schedule regular maintenance for your heater—annually, at least—you can expect to have numerous headaches from faulty parts and poor performance.

Enrolling in a maintenance program, like the one we offer at DuAll Heating & Cooling, is an investment in your future comfort and a way to save money from costly repairs. Here are some repair issues you might encounter if you let your heating go without regular maintenance.

Remember that even the best maintained heater can still experience an occasional malfunction, so if you require repairs for your heating system in Plainfield, IL, give us a call at DuAll Heating & Cooling and we can take care of it.

3 heating problems lack of maintenance can cause

Reduced air flow: If you have a furnace, you will know that it’s working when you feel warm air wafting from the vents. But if your heater goes without tune-ups and inspections, it can lead to broken blower motors and clogged air filters, and this will cause a reduction in the flow of air and a much colder home.

Overheating boiler: This is a common trouble for boilers that haven’t received regular flushing of their system—an important part of annual maintenance. System flushing removes sediment that can build up in the tank and cause overheating. An overheating boiler will threaten to cause leaking throughout the pipes connected to the water tank.

Full break down: This is the nightmare situation, and the best reason for getting regular maintenance. A combination of stress on moving parts, dirt and dust infiltration, and electrical trouble—all of which a technician could detect and remedy during an inspection—will eventually lead to the heater shutting down during the coldest day of the year (when it has to strain the most). Because HVAC companies must respond to numerous emergency calls on days like this, it can be difficult to get repairs done in timely fashion—and that means some very uncomfortable hours ahead.

Take advantage of the time left before the heavy winter weather arrives to have your annual maintenance done on your heater. DuAll Heating & Cooling has a Maintenance Saving Plan with discounts on parts and labor. Enroll now to get dependable heating for your home.

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