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3 Signs that You May Need Commercial Heating System Replacement

Winters in Illinois can be tough. For your commercial enterprise to thrive during this chilly time, you need to have an efficient and effecting heating system to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Although regular maintenance and prompt repairs will help keep your business’ heating system operating, eventually an aging heater will reach a point where the best option is to retire it and have professionals install a new one.

Below are three warning signs of a commercial heater that is coming to the end of its life. If you suspect you may need commercial heating system replacement in Bollingbrook, IL soon, contact our specialists at DuAll Heating & Cooling right away. We will help determine if it’s time for a replacement and handle the installation work if it is.

3 ways to tell that you may need heating replacement

  1. Continually rising bills: A single spike in your company’s heating bills may indicate that the system requires repairs. But if the bills keep rising each month, and no amount of repairs or maintenance can stop it, you probably have a system that is too worn down from the decays of age. It is more cost-effective at this point to retire the heater and have a new, energy-efficient model replace it.
  2. Constant noisy operation: Is the sound from your heating system creating a disruption inside the work place? Loud operation is an almost certain sign that the heating system requires repairs, and if this has become the norm rather than the exception, you should consider having the whole system replaced. These sounds usually come from components that are too worn down to work well any more.
  3. High repair costs: Take a look at the bills for the repairs the heating system has needed over the last two years and tally them up against the cost of replacing the system. If the cost of any single repair is half the price of putting in a new heater, then it is costing you far too much to keep the system running. Call for heating technicians to examine the heater and give you a more definite answer about your best path going forward.

Our team of professionals stays up-to-date with the latest developments in commercial HVAC technology, so you will know that your new heating system is state-of-the-art. Put our experience to work for your company.

For the finest quality commercial heating system replacement in Bollingbrook, IL, call on the NATE-certified technicians at DuAll Heating & Cooling today.

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