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Take Greater Control Over Your AC This Summer!

We’ve all been there. You set the thermostat, and before long another member of your household is complaining about being too chilly or that the house is still too hot. When you don’t live by yourself, keeping everyone happy and comfortable by setting just one temperature throughout the entire house is a bit of an uphill battle. Of course, you also may not want to cool every area of your home to the same temperature throughout, even if you do live by yourself. Fortunately for you, taking greater control over the way in which you use your AC is actually quite simple. Just consider the use of a zone control system in Bolingbrook, IL.

How Does a Zone Control System Work, and What Are the Benefits of Its Use?

A zone control system comprises a few different components, including various thermostats that are installed in different areas of your home, electronic dampers that are installed in your ductwork, and a central control panel. The thermostats and dampers are wired into the control panel, so that the dampers can respond to the different settings of the thermostat. This allows you to maintain different temperatures in different areas of your living space.

When you decide that you want to lower the temperature in any given “zone” within your home, just lower that temperature in that single area. The damper will allow more cooled air in, and you can adjust that temperature independently of the rest of your home. This helps to eliminate arguments over temperature settings, and can also help you to cut down on energy costs, even as you live in greater comfort. If your heating system shares ductwork with your air conditioner, you can utilize zone control when heating your home in the winter, as well.

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