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Is It Too Early for AC Maintenance?

With weather as cool as it has been here in Bolingbrook, IL, air conditioning is likely far from your thoughts. If you haven’t had an air conditioning maintenance appointment in the last year though, you should schedule one now. You don’t want to get to our first day of warm spring weather to discover your AC needs repairs or, even worse, needs to be replaced.

During your AC maintenance appointment, an HVAC professional will fully inspect your equipment, checking for damaged or worn parts and notifying you if anything needs repair or replacement. The earlier this is done, the better. Handling any issues this far in advance means you don’t need to worry about scrambling to get repairs done in a couple of months.

How Will AC Maintenance Benefit Me?

Air conditioning maintenance helps you to potentially avoid emergency repairs, as mentioned above. But it’s about more than just that. Read on to discover the numerous benefits that maintenance provides.

Increased Lifespan

AC systems most often prematurely fail due to lack of maintenance. Regular upkeep and inspections helps your AC run well over its entire lifecycle. A yearly maintenance appointment helps to ensure your system will function for years to come.

Better Energy Efficiency

During maintenance, HVAC technicians clean cooling coils, fan blades, and various other components of your air conditioner. This helps to cool your indoor air more effectively and efficiently, preventing your system from working too hard, and saving you money.

Improved Air Quality

A small amount of dirt in and around your air conditioner is normal. However, as particles accumulate inside components of your unit, its cooling capacity is decreased. These particles get released throughout your home, degrading your indoor air quality. During maintenance, your HVAC technician will clean away this dirt and debris.

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