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How Can A Clogged Air Filter Damage My AC System?

Air conditioning repair in Plainfield involves more than simply fixing problems when they arise. It means keeping your air conditioner in good shape so that it cools the air efficiently without developing any serious issues. That entails a regular maintenance program, which involves changing the air filters when they become clogged as well as scheduling a cleaning session from a trained service technician. That will prevent larger problems from starting, as well as lowering your cooling bills and extending the life of your air conditioner. “How can a clogged air filter damage my AC system?” you ask. The answers can illuminate just how important routine care can be.

The air filter serves to keep dust and dirt out of the air conditioner’s internal components, as well as preventing dust from circulating in your home. When it gets clogged, it can’t do that job, and dust begins to accumulate in your air conditioner. This can have a number of potentially harmful effects. On a general level, it increases the overall wear and tear on the system, forcing it to work harder and raising your energy bills in the process. Over time, it can cause a more severe breakdown, as an overloaded component suffers damage necessitating significant repairs.

Here’s a concrete example.  When dust gets on the evaporator coils, it interferes with the cooling abilities of the refrigerant inside the coils. The air around the coils doesn’t get as cool – a problem in and of itself – and more importantly, frost forms on the coils themselves. That frost can damage other components when it melts, as well as clogging the drain line and causing similar sorts of mischief. The coils need to be cleaned in order to let the cooling process continue, but unless the filter is cleaned or replaced, the whole process will soon start all over again.

You can prevent this by changing your air filter regularly and planning a maintenance call from a qualified professional. At DuAll Heating & Cooling, we handle air conditioning repair in Plainfield, as well as providing upkeep and maintenance designed to keep your system running the way it should. Call us today to make an appointment.

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