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Have You Considered Cooling Your Entire Home without the Use of Air Ducts?

If you are thinking about replacing your home cooling system for any reason, be sure to take your time when choosing your new system. There are a lot of options out there, and you really don’t want to miss out on the system that is right for you just because you failed to weigh your options carefully. One option well worth your consideration is the ductless mini split air conditioner. If you are not familiar with this type of system, let’s just say right off the bat that using ductless air conditioning in Bolingbrook, IL can benefit many homeowners greatly. Read the following information, and let us know if you think that going ductless is the right option for you in your quest for outstanding residential cooling.

How Does Ductless Cooling Work?

In a traditional split air conditioning system, refrigerant is evaporated in the evaporator coil within the residence, and this draws heat out of the air, which is then redistributed throughout the house, while the heat absorbed by the refrigerant is bled off via the condenser outdoors. A ductless mini split system works in much the same manner, with the obvious exception that no ductwork is used in the process. Instead, multiple blowers are installed throughout the home, and these connect directly to the outdoor unit via their power and refrigerant lines.

How Does This Benefit Me?

Choosing ductless air conditioning can benefit you in a few different ways. First and foremost is the fact that you won’t have to worry about the installation of bulky ductwork, nor the air quality and energy loss issues that can stem from its use. Plus, you can control the blowers throughout the house independently of one another, which allows for simple zone control. Because ductless mini splits can also utilize heat pump technology—though designated cooling systems are available—you can also use the very same equipment in order to heat your home with outstanding efficiency as well.

If ductless air conditioning sounds good to you, contact a member of the DuAll Heating & Cooling team today!


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