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Ductless Air Conditioning Installation Steps

If you are ready to install a ductless air conditioning system in your Bolingbrook home or office, call DuAll Heating and Cooling. There are plenty of do-it-yourself jobs around the house, but a ductless system installation is not one of them. Our team of trained professionals will make sure that everything is done correctly, and we’ll keep you informed throughout the process installation process. In fact, we thought we’d start right now. Here is a walkthrough of the work involved when professionally and safely installing a ductless system.


Like window units and centralized systems, the louder components of a ductless air system are kept outside. We set up your condenser on a flat, hard surface, making sure it stays where we put it. Casings are generally waterproof, but elevating the components a few inches is ideal. We will keep your condenser an appropriate distance from your house, eliminating any noise. When our professionals install your system, you’ll forget that your condenser is even out there. DuAll wants you to enjoy your new cooling system without being kept up at night.


Ductless mini split systems feature indoor, wall mounted units that disperse the conditioned air. This allows you to create temperate zones, heating or cooling only those rooms you want to, only as much as you want to. Most manufacturers recommend positioning the indoor unit high up on your wall, approaching the ceiling. Cold air circulates throughout the room from top to bottom. When we install your blowers we make sure that all measurements are accurate and that your units fit in your walls perfectly.

And in Between

This would be the tricky part, but our AC team in the Bolingbrook area has the experience and training necessary to handle all steps of the installation process. A hole, about 3 inches in diameter, is drilled in your wall. Copper tubing and refrigerant lines connect the indoor and outdoor components, and a condensation line keeps the humidity out of your home. Now the mounting plate is installed and the mechanical components are connected. Your new system will be up and running in no time.

Remember that many areas require the work of a licensed plumber or electrician for this installation. Letting the Bolingbrook air conditioning professionals here at DuAll install your system will ensure that your warranty is not voided and your system is installed right.

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