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Does Your Thermostat Match Your Air Conditioning System?

It is an oft-overlooked component of your home, but its power is strong. What are we talking about? Your thermostat, and if you are still using a dial or slide thermostat, you are missing out on some important benefits, especially if you have a relatively updated cooling system. Why is a good thermostat important? Let’s take a look.

The Benefits

Today’s thermostats are far more capable than ever, allowing homeowners to have tremendous control over heating and cooling. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Precise temperature setting – with a digital interface, you are no longer aiming at a temperature, you can actually set it. While this may not seem all that important, it is when you consider that every degree you can go up or down, depending on the season, can save you 3% of your energy costs.
  • The ability to program – do you run back and forth to your thermostat, turning it up and down as you leave and arrive at your home? And do you sometimes forget to adjust your thermostat? You won’t have to worry about this with a programmable thermostat. This is because you can program your heating and cooling schedule for up to seven days with a maximum of four temperature changes per day. If you are in a set routine, you can loop your program continuously.
  • Remote access – you may have heard about “smart” thermostats, and smart they are. Using any smart device, including your phone or tablet, you can access your home’s thermostat from anywhere there’s an internet connection. This allows you to program, monitor and track your energy usage, whether you are on the living room couch or halfway across the country.

If you have been struggling to reduce your energy costs, consider upgrading your home’s thermostat. The experts at DuAll Heating & Cooling can help with the entire process – just call and schedule an appointment for your home in Bolingbrook, IL, today!

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