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Air Conditioning Guide: Different Types of AC Systems

If you are thinking about buying a new air conditioning system in Chicago, you should a take a little time to consider all your options. You not only have to keep in mind the different types of air conditioners, but also the different energy efficiencies and advanced features available. Simply replacing your old system is not always the best option, making yourself familiar with all the types of AC available will help you find the best system for your home.

Central air conditioning systems are the most common type of cooling systems for residential homes. A split system consists of an outdoor compressor unit, an indoor air handler, and a series of ducts that distribute the air conditioned air throughout your home.  Central air conditioning system comes in a variety of sizes to be able to meeting the cooling needs of almost any home. However, ducts are necessary part of central air conditioning systems, which can make their installation an extensive process.

If your home does not already have ducts or you are looking to cool only a small space, ductless mini split air conditioners are great option. Ductless mini split air conditioners are very energy efficient, and since they don’t use ducts, they avoid all the energy losses associated with forced air systems. The outdoor unit is connected to multiple indoor air handlers through a conduit (containing the power cable, the suction tubing, the refrigerant line, and a condensate drain) , and the indoor air handlers distribute the cooled air throughout the area. Since each one of the indoor units can be controlled individually, ductless systems are easy to zone, which can also reduce how much energy you use to cool your home.

For larger, commercial buildings, rooftop air conditioners are often used. These air conditioners have all the components in one cabinet, and they distribute the conditioned air via ducts (similar to central air conditioning). Rooftop unit are for cooling large spaces, so they are rarely used for residential homes.

The right air conditioner for your home will meet both your cooling needs and your budget. For more information about installing an air conditioning system in Chicago, give DuAll Heating & Cooling a call today!

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