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How a New Thermostat Can Benefit Your AC

Monday, August 20th, 2018

thermostatOh great, here we go. They’re going to try and sell me equipment that I really don’t need. Typical company, right? Quite the contrary! Today’s post is about why you may want to upgrade a component of your HVAC system, but is also about how doing so is one of the most effective—and cost-effective—ways in which to boost the overall performance quality of your home cooling system. We’re not just in this for the money, after all.

Will investing in a brand new air conditioner get you even better results? Well, sure. However,  we’re well aware of the fact that not everyone has the money lying around to upgrade their entire AC—especially not when it is still functioning decently. That is why we’re focusing on the thermostat specifically. This one small component can be the key to unlocking the potential of your air conditioning in Bolingbrook, IL.

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Is Your Thermostat Behind Your Subpar Cooling Experience?

Monday, September 5th, 2016

When you come home on a hot summer day, stepping into your cool and comfortable living space is a welcome breath of fresh air. Unfortunately for some, there is no guarantee that you’ll experience that. You may find that your home is warmer than you’d like, or that certain areas of the house just are not as comfortable as others.

If this is the case, then you need to contact a member of our staff. We’ll figure out what’s behind the subpar performance of your air conditioner in Bolingbrook, IL. Give us a call and start living in the comfort that you deserve.

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