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HVAC FAQ: What’s That Sound?


It may not be too crazy to speculate that there may eventually be a heater or an air conditioner that is 100% reliable. As we see in countless different industries, technology is allowing for new and exciting innovations all of the time. That being said, anything resembling a 100% reliable heater or air conditioner does not seem to be headed our way anytime in the immediate future. At some point, you are going to need to schedule heating and air conditioning repair services.

When you do run into problems with your HVAC system—and that is a matter of “when,” not “if,” you really want to have any problems with that system resolved as soon as possible. The longer that your system is struggling, the more likely it becomes that your system will suffer serious damages. Do yourself a favor, and contact our Plainfield, IL HVAC professionals at the first sign of trouble. Also, keep your ears open, not just your eyes! 

What Kind of Sounds Are We Talking About?

With maybe the exception of electric radiant heating systems, all HVAC systems make operating sounds of some sort. It may be the whoosh of air coming out of air ducts,  or the sound of an outdoor compressor kicking on. These are normal sounds. If they become much louder than usual, though, then you should probably contact a professional to have the situation evaluated promptly. In addition to louder than unusual operating sounds, though, you should also listen for any sounds that are unfamiliar developing with your heater or AC.


Is your system grinding? Then moving parts in that system could be lacking sufficient lubrication. When that happens, heat is generated and those parts are really going to wear down fast. If you don’t want your system to suffer potentially serious damages, you need to not only have the system properly lubricated, but you’ll also need to have it evaluated to ensure that damage has not already been done.


Is your system screeching like a distressed owl? That too could mean that it is not properly lubricated. It could also mean that, for some reason, different metal components are scraping up against one another. Whatever the case, you’re going to want to have this problem resolved as soon as possible—as much for your own sanity as for the benefit of your HVAC system!


There are, again, a few different reasons why you may encounter this irregularity. One of them is actually quite benign. If you use a forced air heating or cooling system, then the sound you are hearing could be the result of air ducts expanding and contracting due to fluctuations in temperatures. It could also be the result of delayed ignition, though, in which too much fuel builds up before being ignited.

If your HVAC system seems to be working normally other than these strange sounds remember that this still constitutes an abnormal operation. Don’t put your comfort, your HVAC equipment, or even your safety at risk by ignoring any such signs of trouble.

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